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HERS rating field inspector training class

This class teaches the concepts necessary to become a certified HERS Rating Field Inspector (RFI). The class is taught in 2 modules, the 4 day RFI class core module and the Combustion Safety (CAZ) module, meeting the national standard for training and certification for RFIs as adopted by RESNET.

Class instruction includes how to evaluate the energy performance and comfort issues of a home. This is accomplished by teaching comprehensive diagnostic procedures and the principles of the house as a system.

Blower Door Instruction

We train our students in how to setup and operate the blower door and duct leakage testing equipment. Our in-house duct testing facility allows hands-on opportunities to become familiar with the equipment. This gives every student the ability to setup and operate the equipment in a controlled environment

Concepts that students will learn:

  • A basic understanding of building science principles and home construction
  • A basic understanding of the principles of heat, air and moisture transfer
  • Ability to diagnose air leakage, comfort and indoor air quality problems
  • Ability to perform field inspections and diagnostics using the blower door and duct leakage testing equipment
  • A basic understanding of combustion safety or CAZ testing and the ability to perform a CAZ test to the RESNET Standards.
  • An Understanding of the services and responsibilities of a HERS Rater, RFI and Provider

This class will be taught in two modules. The 1st module will cover the core HERS Rater material and the 2nd module will cover the required combustion safety material.

Module 1, HERS RFI Class

  • This is a 4 day Module
  • Class starts at 8:30am each day
  • Class will end at 5pm (this may vary based on class needs)
  • The RFI exam given the last day of this Module with a review before the exam

Module 2, Combustion Safety and Work scope Class (CAZ) Class

  • This is a 3 day Module
  • Class starts at 8:30am each day
  • Class will end at 5pm (this may vary based on class needs)
  • Exam given the last day of this Module with a review before exams

When registering for the class, the student will need to select a Module 1 RFI class and also a Module 2 CAZ class. The RFI class certificate will be issued upon successful completion of both Modules.

Upon successful passing of the national online exams and with the completion/review of five ratings, candidates may be certified as a HERS RFI by a HERS Rating QA Provider (additional requirements maybe required by the Provider).

Class fees, included materials and requirements

Class Fee: $1337.00* Payment options are available.

Course Material Included:

  • MABTEC's RFI Course Manual with supplemental materials, on DVD (will receive on first day of class)
  • Exam fees for all 3 required exams
  • Access to the ResCaz Combustion Safety simulation for 1 year
  • Class certificate issued upon successful completion of the class
  • Exam certificates issued upon successfully passing the exams
  • Refreshments

Course Material Not Included, but needed:

Items required for Class:

  • Laptop Computer
    • Windows XP or later; Mac OS X 10.5 or later.
    • Web browser; Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome
    • Internet connection, either Wirelessor Ethernet port.
    • DVD Drive or USB Port.
    • Please note, the online ResCaz simulation software will require a plug-in to be installed. You will need to have the ability to install software (including user permissions). You can download the plug here:
    • If you do not have a laptop computer, MABTEC as a limited number laptops that a student can use during the class and exams for a fee of $75. Please contact us if you need to use one of our laptops.
  • Handheld calculator with square root button (a construction calculator is helpful)
  • Your favorite writing instrument(pen, pencil, etc.) along with your favorite type of notepad/notebook to take notes
  • Visit the HERS Rater/RFI Class FAQ, for items not required, but suggested.

Maximum number of students for the training class is 12 (at our site).

*Registration fees may be refundable, for complete refund details, see our refund FAQ.
Fee is for class and included materials only, does not include all costs to become a certified RFI (Provider fees, equipment, etc.)

This course can be taken during a HERS Rater Training Class, where the student attends only part of the Rater Class. Contact us for information about this option.

To register and pay for the class, please use the link on the right.

HERS Rating Field Inspector Certification Requirements

Rating Field Inspectors (RFIs) are required to become certified with 30 days after employment by the Certified Rater. 

The RFI works directly beneath the Certified Rater with the Rater providing oversight and final responsibility of the work performed by the RFI.  

Requirements to become certified as a HERS RFI:

  • A demonstrated understanding of the rating data collection and testing process (visit the RESNET website for the complete list) as demonstrated by scoring 80% or higher on the RFI test.
  • Satisfactory completion of 5 probationary testing and data collections for each rating, as supervised by the Certified Rater or their Provider's QAD. The Certified Rater must have completed a minimum of 25 confirmed ratings to provide the supervision for the probationary ratings.

Have a group that needs training? We can travel to you and hold our training courses at your site. Visit our off-site training page for more information.


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Class Dates

MABTEC - Ashburn, VA
Module 1-RFI Class

June 16-19, 2014

Module 2-CAZ Class

June 23-25, 2014
July 21-23, 2014
Aug 6-8, 2014
Sept 15-17, 2014

Other Locations

None Scheduled
at other locations