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HERS Rater/RFI Class Questions

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Q: How long is the Class?
A: The class instruction is typically 2 weeks starting at 8:30am and typically ends at 5pm, with lunch and morning/afternoon breaks.

Q: What happens when I can not attend the class or must leave during the class, for personal/emergency reasons?
A: Our general refund policy is found on the refund policy web page. If the class has a specially applied refund policy, this will be noted on the class web page.

Q: How do I Register and Pay for the class?
A: Class registration and payment is done online. Payment is separate from class registration due to security of your payment information and payment can be made by credit card. Confirmation in the class will be given when payment has been confirmed.

We do accept payment by check. You will need to register for the class online, and make a note in the registration, that payment will be by check. Confirmation in the class will be given when payment has been confirmed.

Q: Why do I need a 'Microsoft Windows' computer?
A: A Microsoft Windows based Laptop Computer is needed to take the online HERS exam at the end of class and for the REM/Rate software installed for the in class home rating part of the class. REM/Rate DOES NOT work with Apple, Linux or other operating systems. If you computer has a duel boot or compatibility mode, it should work; but we do not support these operating systems.

If you Do Not have a Windows laptop or are unable to borrow/obtain one, please contact us immediately. We have a limited number of laptops available for use during the class, for the fee listed.

Q: Why do I need a construction calculator?
A: A construction calculator is not required, but highly recommended. You Do Need a calculator with a 'square root' button, for the exam and in class ratings. We recommend a construction calculator, as this has many built in functions that can be used in the everyday work of a Rater.

Q: What If I fail the HERS Rater Test ?
A: The exam can be retaken at any time, per RESNET guidelines.
1) The exam needs to be proctored. Proctoring locations include, the Rating Trainer's office, Library, Testing Center, College/School.
2) RESNET exam fee to be paid at time of test by credit card (Visa/MasterCard Only) to RESNET.

Q: Suggested items to bring to class
A: Highlighters of multiple colors. These can be helpful when marking the different areas of a house plan. You will be given a set of house plans for your in class rating.

Some type of page marker, like page tabs or posty notes, that you can mark or identify pages in a book. It is helpful to mark pages in the book "Residential Energy" for easy reference.