The Future, Energy Efficiency

Accreditations and certifications

MABTEC Accreditations

  • HERS QA Rating Provider and Sampling Provider
    • Accreditation #: 1998-051
  • HERS Training Provider
    • Accreditation #: 2003-023
    • Our HERS Trainers are Certified for ENERGY STAR Version 3
  • EPA Indoor airPLUS Provider
  • NATE Approved Testing Facility
  • NATE Approved Training Provider


MABTEC, a non-profit company, was founded in 1997 to provide education and assistance for low income, senior and reconstruction housing to the building community. MABTEC was a consultant with local governments and builders in the Caribbean in the late 1990’s. In 2001, MABTEC was a consultant to an affordable housing community in North Carolina.

In 2003, MABTEC changed focus on providing education and training towards the energy efficiency of homes. With this focus change, MABTEC has been pursuing opportunities to achieve these goals. In this pursuit, MABTEC has become a HERS Provider and Training Provider. This gives the potential of offering low-cost training and education.

Our Staff

  • Core Staff, at a minimum are Certified HERS Raters
  • Certified Quality Assurance Designees (QADs) on staff
    • Curtis O'Neal, Primary QAD
    • Martin Vanderburg, Secondary QAD
    • Greg Krantz, Secondary QAD
    • Quality Assurance Delegates (the QAD's assistant),
      •  Lee O'Neal and Rick Jackson
  • Class Instructors, at a minimum are Certified HERS Trainers and/or Certified in the field of instruction
    • RESNET Certified Rater Trainers
      • Curtis O'Neal
      • Martin Vanderburg
      • Greg Krantz
    • ENERGY STAR Version 3 Rater Certification Training, Certified Trainers
      • Curtis O'Neal
      • Martin Vanderburg
      • Lee O'Neal
  • NATE Proctors on Staff
    • Lee O'Neal
    • Curtis O'Neal

MABTEC's Tax Exempt Status